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"Less is hard, the simplicity sometimes is the hardest thing to achieve."

Savina's culinary journey began with a passion for creating premium gelato and pastry. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Media Languages and a master's in Digital Communications from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, she left a successful career in advertising to pursue her lifelong dream in the culinary world.

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Gastronomic Retreats

Voyage of Mediterranean taste

Italian food in Tuscany retreat
Why Gastronomic Retreats?

Embark on a unique journey inspired by Savina's profound passion for good food, meaningful connections, and the vibrant culture found within Mediterranean regions.

The concept of these exclusive retreats emerged during a transformative chapter in Savina's life—a period of profound self-discovery. Reflecting on her deepest passions, Savina recognized her love for ritual dining, where every bite nourishes all the senses. Yet, she discerned a missing element—the human touch. It is the people behind the cuisine who infuse it with vibrancy and authenticity, elevating it to extraordinary heights.

What Inspires Savina'S?

Her inspiration comes from the individuals she has encountered on her journey, each with a unique story. Arthur, a pastry chef for over seven decades, where the baking remains forever in his heart; Alberto, who answered the call of the olives, leaving a career in cinema behind; Jenny and Lorenzo, who exchanged the bustling streets of Milan for the serenity of managing a villa in Tuscany. These stories, coupled with the deep-rooted traditions of Mediterranean cuisine, form the basics of Savina's gastronomic retreats.

Pasta workshop in cooking retreat
What to Expect?

In these retreats, participants can anticipate an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Based on Savina's extensive culinary background,  guests will engage with Italian chefs, artisanal producers, and locals deeply connected to the land. The retreats are crafted to blend the art of gastronomy with the warmth of human connections, creating an atmosphere where dolce far niente - is savored.


Join Savina's journeys where gastronomy becomes a celebration of life, where every meal is a story, and every person is a chapter in the rich narrative of Mediterranean cuisine. Savina looks forward to welcoming you to an unforgettable gastronomic retreats!

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